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Join the Exclusive Circle of Visionary Entrepreneurs as one of the First 100 Original Guests - Ignite Your Untold Tale of Triumph and Inspire Generations!

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  • Forge History: Shape our talk show's foundation and inspire future entrepreneurs as one of our exclusive first 100 guests!

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  • Connect & Expand: Join visionary entrepreneurs, build meaningful relationships, and expand your network as part of our exclusive guest community!

  • Gain Valuable Exposure: Reach aspiring and established entrepreneurs, sharing your expertise, insights, and lessons on our wide-reaching podcast!

  • Forge Together: Unite with like-minded entrepreneurs, forging a path to success and making history on THE FIERY FORGE Talk Show!

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Time Left To Launch My First 100 Episodes:

Join the Ranks of The Bold and Fearless Flame Walkers Of The Fiery Forge

EPISODE 1: First Man Through The Fire with Carlos Redlich

RECORDED: 07/03/23


EPISODE 2: The Unfiltered Truth with Jay Makoni

RECORDED: 07/04/23


EPISODE 3: Faith in Balance with Stefano Salvatore Sorro

RECORDED: 07/04/23


EPISODE 4: Unraveling Enigmatic Entrepreneurial Insights with Robert Strong

RECORDED: 07/05/23


EPISODE 5 : The Fiery Flames of Faith with Martin Lowery

RECORDED: 07/05/23


EPISODE 6: Unleashing Growth and and balance with Niko Arapkiles

RECORDED: 07/06/23


EPISODE 7: Conquering Saas and Navigating The Fiery Forge of Marketing with Robb Bailey

RECORDED: 07/06/23


EPISODE 8: Igniting Entrepreneur Momentum and Unleashing Flow State with Jason Starbuck

RECORDED: 07/06/23


EPISODE 9: The magic of e-book whizery with Peter Mage

RECORDED: 07/09/23


EPISODE 10: Train less, win more with Zac Mason

RECORDED: 07/17/23


EPISODE 11: America's Influence and Impact Strategist, Chris Widener

RECORDED: 07/20/23


EPISODE 12: The SaaS Revolution for Digital Marketing Agencies with Robin Alex

RECORDED: 07/20/23


EPISODE 13: Jetsetting into the big leagues with only $1 per day with Dennis Yu

RECORDED: 07/24/23


EPISODE 14: How to overcome yourself with Osman Okumus

RECORDED: 07/24/23


EPISODE 15: Empowered Leadership: Parenting, Faith, and Overcoming Setbacks with Jesse Sweed

RECORDED: 07/25/23


EPISODE 16: Be Yourself and Live the Life You Actually Want with Cody Getchell

RECORDED: 07/26/23


EPISODE 17: Nomadic Dreams and The AI-Driven Journey of a Resilient Entrepreneur w/ Austin Gregory

RECORDED: 07/26/23


EPISODE 18: From Battlefields to Badwater, The Unbreakable Spirit of Aaron Hale

RECORDED: 07/27/23


Be part of The First 100 Original Guests!

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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Journey 🔥

Your Host

Salvatore Steffano

Hey there potential flame walker!

I'm Salvatore Steffano, a seasoned entrepreneur, digital marketing and growth expert, and your host on this transformative journey.

I started this talk show to give my guests the opportunity to tell the untold side of their entrepreneurial journey.

Myself, I've faced and conquered personal challenges, losing over 100 pounds in 6 months and overcoming childhood trauma, PTSD, and major depression. Now, I'm passionate about guiding others towards a balanced existence and empowering them to embrace adversity.

The Fiery Forge Talk Show is all about real, uncut stories of resilience, inspiration, and growth. Together, we'll uncover the secrets to turning trials into triumphs and creating a lasting impact. I'm looking for exceptional guests like you – trailblazing entrepreneurs who have emerged stronger from the flames of life.

Join me on this powerful platform to share your story and inspire the world. Let's forge a path to greatness together – your journey has the power to ignite hope and change lives. Apply now to secure your spot and let's set the forge ablaze with stories of triumph and transformation!

Fiery Questions? Find Your Forge Here!

What topics does THE FIERY FORGE Talk Show cover?

The FIERY FORGE Talk Show dives deep into the journeys of triumphant entrepreneurs who have faced adversity and emerged stronger.

We cover a wide range of topics, including personal growth, overcoming challenges, finding balance, building successful businesses, embracing resilience, and igniting inspiration.

Our guests share their uncut stories, offering real-world insights, strategies, and wisdom for listeners to apply in their own lives and entrepreneurial endeavors.

From tales of triumph to navigating the forge of entrepreneurship, The Fiery Forge Talk Show sparks hope and transformation.

How are guests selected for the Talk Show?

If you are an entreprenur, and have an amazing tale of overcoming adversity in order to succeed we want to have you on the show.

To apply, simply click the calendar link, choose a suitable interview slot, and fill out the form – that's all you need to do.

We'll take care of the heavy lifting and conduct additional background research before the show. If, for any reason, we feel it might not be the best fit, we'll let you know after you book your interview.

This show isn't about how much money you've made; it's about the struggles you've faced to reach where you are and find balance. So don't worry if you're not making millions yet; as long as you have an inspiring story to tell, we want you on the podcast for our launch of the first 100 guests.

The criteria may become stricter in the future, but for now, let's ignite the forge of entrepreneurship together! Apply now and be part of our journey to inspire and empower others.

What happens after I apply and what does the rest of the process look like?

Once you apply to be a guest on "The Fiery Forge Talk Show," you'll receive a booking calendar to confirm your interview slot.

Three days, 24 hours, and 1 hour before the episode starts, you'll receive email and SMS reminders to ensure you don't miss the show.

Fifteen minutes before the show, your calendar invite will be updated with a StreamYard link. This will allow you to join our host, Salvatore Steffano, in the virtual backstage to go over the details and get prepped before we go live.

During the show, you'll have an engaging conversation with Salvatore, based on the questions and topics discussed during the booking process. It'll be a natural and authentic dialogue, focusing on your remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Be prepared to dive deep into your entreprenurial journey and personal life!

We'll provide you with various media to share with your email list and social media accounts before and after the show.

While the shows are filmed and broadcasted live, they will be officially launched on major podcast networks 2-4 weeks later. Please keep in mind that launch times may vary.

As a guest, we expect you to actively promote the episode to your audience, helping to spread the inspiring message and make a greater impact. Your support is vital in reaching and empowering even more people with your incredible story. Let's forge a powerful episode together!

How will appearing on the podcast benefit my business or personal brand?

Appearing on "The Fiery Forge" podcast will bring significant benefits to both your business and personal brand:

Forge History: By being one of our exclusive first 100 guests, you'll shape the foundation of our podcast and inspire future entrepreneurs. Your story will be etched in the minds of our audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Amplify Your Message: Sharing your entrepreneurial journey on "The Fiery Forge" will increase your visibility within the entrepreneurial community. It's a powerful platform to spread your message and inspire others.

Connect & Expand: As a guest, you'll join a community of visionary entrepreneurs, enabling you to build meaningful relationships and expand your network. Together, we'll create a support system that propels each other to greater heights.

Gain Valuable Exposure: Your episode will reach aspiring and established entrepreneurs, allowing you to share your expertise, insights, and valuable lessons. It's an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our diverse and engaged audience.

Forge Together: Joining THE FIERY FORGE means uniting with like-minded entrepreneurs, forging a path to success together. Your appearance on the show signifies your commitment to overcoming challenges and creating a legacy of triumph.

Be part of our journey to empower and inspire entrepreneurs worldwide. Together, we'll ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and forge a bright future providing hope and inspiration to other entrepreneurs!